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naperville pediatric therapy

goal oriented therapy. family driven results.

Evaluating your child, creating a tailored treatment plan, individualizing goals, and maximizing communication, feeding, and oral motor skills. We center on involving your family every step of the way through your child’s care.

uniquely NPT

At NPT, we are uniquely focused on incorporating your child’s therapy goals across as many contexts as possible. This means providing you, as parents, with work to facilitate carryover outside of our therapy sessions. Additionally, we make it a priority to connect with your child’s teachers as well as other therapists and professionals to ensure that goals are targeted at school and all facilitations are in place to allow your child to reach his or her full potential.

Working in a number of different pediatric settings has afforded Colleen opportunities to integrate and employ effective therapy techniques specific to your child’s individual needs.

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Meet Colleen!

Colleen works with many populations and has extensive experience treating early language, speech sound, fluency, pragmatic language, feeding, swallowing, and oral motor disorders.  Read More ›

“Colleen is so friendly and upbeat, and our 10 yr old daughter really loved interacting with her. Our daughter’s clinical progress was immediately noticeable, and it rapidly improved with each session. I attribute much of this to Colleen’s therapy style and her ability to identify the best technique for the child.”
-Rosalie S.
“Our son has worked with Colleen for a year and a half now. When she began, his speech development was delayed. Colleen encouraged him to speak. She made the classes fun and boosted his confidence. He would wait by the door and couldn’t wait for her to come play with him. She was persistent in encouraging him to use his words and established the norm that he would try to speak rather than just motioning. As his speech developed, she was careful to continue to adjust the lessons. She also worked with us to guide us on how we could reinforce what he was learning with her. She is an exceptional speech therapist.”
Sarah D.