As children begin to speak, they will make mistakes with their sounds, which is completely normal. As your child grows, these errors will begin to subside. In some children, however, these errors persist and speech therapy intervention is very beneficial.

An articulation disorder is present when a child has difficulty producing sounds. The sound can be substituted, omitted, or changed. These errors will make it difficult for your child to be understood.

The table below gives a general idea of the age in which sounds should be mastered by your child.

Speech Sound Norms Chart


If your child has not mastered the above sounds at the conversational level (that is, using the sounds accurately most all times during speaking), it is time to call NPT for your free speech therapy consultation. We are here to help! When your child is enrolled in speech therapy with us, he or she will have a tailored treatment plan to specifically target the sounds made in error. I will perform a full articulation assessment and use the outcomes to determine which sound(s) need to be targeted in speech therapy. If more than one articulation error is present, I will be able to build goals for your child and target sounds in order of what is most age appropriate.  Of course, I will provide homework to facilitate carryover of all skills learned in speech therapy!