As your child’s language skills grow, it can be overwhelming to determine at what age each speech sound is expected to develop! With so many new skills emerging during the exciting first few years of his or her life (language and otherwise!), having a reference to the expected ages of sound development is especially handy. Below you will find a helpful chart that will give you an idea of what sounds are expected at each age.Speech Sound Developent Chart (1)



It is important to note that there is a range in what is considered “normal.” Boys and girls develop speech sounds at different paces, and among them, you will see varying rates of sound acquisition. That being said, these well researched and assessed norms are used across the speech language pathologist profession to determine eligibility for services and to write goals ensuring that your child makes continued progress.  If your child is not producing the sounds at the particular age, it is recommended that you consult reach out to me at to schedule your free 20 minute consultation! I can also answer questions, address concerns, or fill your request for further information. I am always here to be of assistance 🙂


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