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We have extensive experience in treating early language, speech sound, fluency, pragmatic language, feeding, swallowing, and oral motor disorders. To provide the best outcome, we are passionate about integrating the entire family into the treatment of the child seeking therapy services. Below are the types of therapy we currently provide, click the button to learn more about each service, or scroll down the page:



language therapy

Language disorders can be receptive (understanding and listening), expressive (talking and speaking), or pragmatic (social language) in nature. Treating language disorders will foster learning skills as well as boost your child’s confidence. The activities that your child will engage in with the therapist at the clinic will be easily transferable for home practice, facilitating carryover of your child’s new skills. If you have any concerns regarding any aspect of your child’s language, we encourage you to contact us today!= for your free speech therapy consultation!

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speech/sound therapy

Articulation and phonological disorders are common in children. At NPT, we implement an approach that best fits your child to properly produce the sounds with which he or she is struggling. A home program will be provided for you and your child to work toward his or her speech thearpy goals throughout the week at home. Please contact NPT today with any speech sound concerns you may have, we will be happy to help!

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Fluency therapy

Stuttering affects the fluency of your child’s speech. While some disfluencies in speech are normal, if your child is often repeating parts of words or “getting stuck” on words, an evaluation and plan of speech therapy treatment would be highly recommended. Call NPT today to schedule your free consultation!

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feeding therapy

Many kids are picky eaters, but some are problem eaters. When your child has a severely restricted number of foods that he or she will eat, problem eating may be the culprit. Many children also struggle with oral motor disorders that limit their repertoire of food. A specific plan and goals will be outlined following an evaluation with your child. NPT is here to help you and your child, call today!

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Tongue Thrust therapy

Tongue thrust occurs when the tongue protrudes past the front teeth at rest. This causes swallowing and dental issues. NPT treats tongue thrust with an oral motor approach. Please contact us for a free screening!

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