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Fluency is speaking in a smooth manner in all instances. While the occasional moments of disfluency (“um,” “uh,” and word repetitions) are typical, when such moments of “getting stuck on words” are consistently present in your child’s speech, fluency therapy will be very beneficial.


Fluency in Your Child’s Speech

Stuttering impacts the flow of speech. Stuttering moments are categorized as whole- or part-word repetitions, interjections, and prolongations of sounds. Some individuals who stutter may appear out of breath as they speak, and sometimes sounds appear to be completely blocked, or stopped as the speaker is talking. Some examples of stuttering are part-word repetitions, such as “wa-wa-wa-water”), interjections (“I am um-um-um-like-uh reading a book.”), and sound prolongations (“sssssslide”).

When stuttering impacts your child’s language, he or she may feel as though as though control over his or her words has been completely lost. This can be detrimental to self esteem. At NPT we teach strategies help your child regain control and build confidence to express him or herself in any situation through fluency therapy!

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“Colleen is so friendly and upbeat, and our 10 yr old daughter really loved interacting with her. Our daughter’s clinical progress was immediately noticeable, and it rapidly improved with each session. I attribute much of this to Colleen’s therapy style and her ability to identify the best technique for the child.”
Rosalie S.
“Colleen also worked with us to guide us on how we could reinforce what he was learning with her. She is an exceptional speech therapist.”
Sarah D.
“She had such a warm, sincere and fun approach with my daughter and for the first time, my daughter was excited about speech therapy and talked about Colleen all the time – this never happened with her other therapists! Colleen made speech therapy so fun for my daughter and even integrated her older sister into our weekly visits.”
Therese G.
“In short, Colleen was a wonderful partner in helping our son speak well. When our time was finished we were sad to see her go, but are happy to recommend her to anyone else.”